How do I find the best car accident lawyer near me?

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Choosing the right lawyer is not always easy. It requires time and a lot of research. Most importantly, you should be willing to interview the lawyers before making a decision.

Of course, you’ll need to find a lawyer near you as it’s more convenient for both parties. Not only that, but a local lawyer will have a better understanding of the legal landscape in your town or city. This means they are well-versed with the laws and regulations in your locality, and can provide you with a specialized guidance tailored to your specific circumstances.

Car Accident Lawyer

So how do you find the best car accident lawyer near you?

First, go to your State Bar Association’s website. Search for lawyers in your area who specialize in car accident cases. Write down their contact details (website address, contact number, office address, etc.).

Once you have your initial list, do your research. Read reviews online, visit their website and see if they have case studies or testimonials available. From there, you can make your final list of potential lawyers. You’ll need to contact these lawyers (from your final list) and request for a consultation either through phone or in person. Most lawyers do not charge for the first consultation where you can ask them questions and vice versa.

Essential Questions to Ask the Lawyer

The following are some guide questions you can ask any lawyer you are considering of hiring, to help you decide whether they’re the right person to handle your car accident case.

1. Do you specialize in personal injury law? How many car accident cases have you handled in the past?

The legal field is very broad and it’s exceedingly rare to find a lawyer who is adept at several sects of law. You don’t want a jack of all trades to handle your case which is why it’s necessary to choose someone who actually specializes in car accidents, or at the very least, personal injury. You need a lawyer who is well-versed and experienced in dealing specifically with automobile-related incidents and injuries.

2. How long have you practiced law?

It takes years of practice for a lawyer to become an expert in any field of the law. Choose someone who has at least 10 years of litigation experience. If you can find someone with 20 years of experience, even better.  You’ll want a veteran on your side.

3. Have you handled cases similar to mine?

Ask for details and the outcomes of these cases. It’s not enough to have someone who has extensive experience in personal injury, you also want a lawyer who is familiar with your situation.

4. What is your fee structure?

Ask the lawyer if they charge by the hour or have a flat fee. Ideally you want to hire someone who charges on a contingency basis, meaning you won’t have to pay anything unless you get a settlement or if you get a favorable judgment.  

Some lawyers may charge a retainer fee, which is an advanced payment that you will give to the lawyer. You may also be charged statutory fees which are legally set fees for some legal work.

Request for an estimate of the total cost (ballpark figure) so you can determine if the costs and charges are fair and reasonable. Keep in mind that many car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis which can help you avoid financial constraints while your case is ongoing.

5. How do you negotiate for your clients?

A good lawyer should be able to negotiate a deal that is fair and balanced for both parties, while shielding you from hostile negotiations. This way you will not have to spend more money than is necessary and you can avoid the drama, stress and tension that arise during negotiations.

6. What is your win percentage in court?

Minor car accident cases may be quickly settled however if you (or the lawyer) think your case will go to trial, make sure you they have extensive experience in court. A lot of lawyers never go to court, as many lawsuits get settled out of court (settlement).

You need a lawyer who can actually deliver the settlement or verdict you deserve, particularly if your case involves serious damages/injuries. Find out about their win percentage and ask for any client testimonials and past case results.

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Why You Should Choose a Law Firm That Specializes in Car Accidents

Getting a lawyer that specializes in car accidents is the smart choice compared to hiring a general lawyer. But you know what’s even better? A law firm that specializes in car accidents. A firm will have more resources than an attorney in a solo practice.

They have investigators, paralegals and junior lawyers to do in-depth analysis and fact-finding to build your case. In addition, the law firm will be better able to negotiate and deal with insurance companies since they have several lawyers who can work together to help your case.

Before hiring a law firm however, remember that often times a boutique law firm is a much better option than a giant firm, which employs hundreds of people and handles hundreds of cases every day. These kinds of firms may be using their resources to the limit and will not be able to focus on your particular case as much as they should.

Finding the Right Car Accident Lawyer in Your Area

Lawyers do more than offer legal advice – they also guide you through the complex legal process and work towards getting you a favorable outcome. But it starts with finding the right lawyer, one who is competent, savvy and ethical. You can’t simply find one just by browsing through ads and booking an appointment with them.

That is one of the steps you can take, however, if you want to find a skilled car accident lawyer. There are other ways you can try as well, such as:

Personal Referrals

Ask family members, your friends, co-workers or even members of your community for referrals. Talking to people who’ve been through similar legal troubles can be a goldmine of information.

But don’t just take someone else’s word for it. Different strokes for different folks, right? Meet with the lawyer, talk about your case, get to know them, ask questions (see our guide questions above) and decide if you can work together.

Online Services

The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding legal help. Check websites like, and which can connect you with local area lawyers that specialize in auto accidents and personal injury.

Business Referrals

Your accountant, insurance agent, or real estate broker might know of a good lawyer for your specific needs. After all, they often work with lawyers.

car accident lawyer near me

Final Thoughts

Many people don’t put enough consideration on this one, but choose a lawyer that you can trust and makes you feel at ease. Choose a lawyer that welcomes any questions you may have and to whom you’re comfortable confiding and asking questions with.

You don’t need to schedule a consultation with every single lawyer on your list. Do some research, ask around and once you have your final list, you can start making appointments with their office in order to find the one that fits your needs the best.

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